Best Online Math Tutoring Services 2021

Amanda Holland
Amanda Holland

Online tutoring services can be lifesavers for students and their parents, especially for challenging subjects such as math. If you have a child who is struggling with math in school or failing tests, hiring an online tutor could be a fantastic solution.

Math tutors provide one-on-one instruction and customized lesson plans designed to address each student’s unique challenges. And online tutoring providers make it easy to fit these extra lessons into even the busiest schedules.

If you think an online tutoring service might be right for your child or teen, there are plenty to choose from. The online math tutoring market offers several excellent options from instant homework assistance to full math courses to virtual classroom setups.

We’ve researched countless online education websites and math tutoring services to find the best options. Here are all the details about the top 10 online math tutoring services we recommend.

The 10 Best Online Math Tutoring Services of 2021

Here’s a quick overview of the 10 online math tutoring providers we recommend.

Learner: An innovative math tutoring provider offering fully online learning with highly qualified tutors. Pricing is very affordable for customized learning plans and tutor matching services, and there is a full satisfaction guarantee.

Revolution Prep: A well-known company offering expensive test prep services mostly focused on college entrance exams. Tutoring isn’t centered specifically on math but on improving test scores with help from full-time tutors.

Chegg: An online platform that provides on-demand access to homework solutions and assistance from tutors. Designed as a self-help platform, this company doesn’t offer one-on-one tutoring or customized educational plans, but it’s an extremely affordable option for students who need occasional help.

Tutor Doctor: A large international tutoring provider that offers English and test prep help along with math. Pricing is a little on the high side, and students may need to sign a contract and pay the full amount for their educational plan before tutoring begins.

The Princeton Review: A reliable provider of online and in-person tutoring with a focus on improving test scores and preparing for college entrance exams. Pricing for homework help is reasonable, but grad-school test prep services are pricey.

Prodigy: With one-on-one math tutoring for elementary and middle school students, Prodigy is a good option for students who need a little help to understand math better and boost their confidence. Half-hour sessions are $30, and students can get a free assessment and a mini session before signing up.

Skooli: Featuring on-demand virtual classroom sessions with licensed teachers, Skooli is a great solution for students who need occasional help with homework. Students only pay when they use the service, and the $1 per minute rate is affordable for short sessions.

Wyzant: A connection platform for students and tutors, Wyzant is excellent for students who feel confident they can choose the right tutor without the help of a matching service. Tutors are available for several subjects and can set their own prices, so students can usually find a good fit.

TutorMe: Offering access to qualified experts in numerous disciplines, TutorMe is a good choice for students of all levels. There are options for long-term tutoring with an expert or on-demand homework help through the online platform, and pricing is affordable.

Yup: An app-based service designed for tablets and mobile devices, Yup offers students unlimited time in one-on-one sessions with tutors who can help them with homework problems. It’s a great option for students who like the idea of using an app and who will use the service enough to justify the high monthly price tag.

Read on for detailed reviews of each service.


Learner online math tutor

Learner was founded by experienced educators passionate about helping people understand math. The company has strict qualifications for its tutors, including a four-year college degree and several years of tutoring experience. Each student gets a customized learning plan based on their needs, grade level, learning style, and goals.

Learner focuses on providing excellent customer service and guaranteed results. Students are matched with tutors through a proprietary screening process, and the first tutoring session is free. Students can get one-on-one sessions or learn with a small group, and tutors are available for all levels, from kindergarten math through college courses like calculus.

Students and parents can track progress through feedback after each session. Tutors provide clear information about successes and challenges. Pricing starts at $40 per hour.


  • Free first session and 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly qualified tutors
  • Advanced online platform that works across devices
  • Interactive sessions that are recorded so students can review them later


  • Not as affordable as other online services
  • Can’t see tutor profiles without filling out a questionnaire and providing contact information
  • Not designed for on-demand homework help

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for math tutoring from experienced teachers on an innovative platform, Learner is a fantastic and affordable option.

Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep math tutors

With its staff of full-time tutors and interactive teaching methodology, Revolution Prep offers students and parents a high-end experience. That experience comes at a price – private tutoring sessions for a single student cost $116 per hour. There are some small group options that are more affordable, but even a class of eight students with a single tutor costs $42 per hour.

What can students expect for this premium price? Revolution Prep promises tailored learning plans centered on academic goals or test prep. While there are homework assistance services, the company’s emphasis seems to be on college entrance exams.

Tutors are all full-time employees who attend professional development courses to improve their teaching skills. The company also offers academic advisors who work with students, parents, and school counselors to create comprehensive education plans. Students have free access to proctored online practice exams for the ACT and SAT.


  • Full-time tutors
  • Extensive test prep materials for college entrance exams
  • Small group classes and one-on-one tutoring options


  • Expensive, and some reviews mention unclear billing tactics
  • Focus is on standardized test performance, not necessarily a better understanding of math
  • Tutors must follow the company’s educational methodology, which may prevent them from matching their teaching to each student

Bottom Line: Revolution Prep is a good option for students looking to boost their college entrance exam scores and parents who are willing to pay top dollar for online tutoring.


Chegg math tutors

Chegg provides instant help to students 24/7 through its online platform. Rather than focusing on matching students with tutors and creating individualized education plans, Chegg gives members access to its online platform for on-demand math help. Chegg offers help in math and countless other subjects for students of all levels, from elementary school to college.

Chegg doesn’t provide customized learning plans or tutor matching services, but it does offer extreme affordability. A subscription to the platform is only $15 per month.

You can also add on the Math Solver service for an extra $10 per month. This gives students access to an online problem-solving service. You can type in or take a picture of a math problem and get a detailed explanation of how to solve it.


  • On-demand access to homework help with responses from tutors in under an hour
  • Numerous subjects offered
  • Very affordable
  • Math Solver app works for high-level math problems (calculus and linear algebra)


  • No personalized service
  • Students don’t work with the same long-term tutor
  • Offers homework help, not in-depth tutoring or test prep

Bottom Line: For self-motivated learners who need occasional help with tough homework questions, Chegg is an affordable option with easy-to-use online tools.

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor math tutors

Tutor Doctor offers both online and in-home tutoring in math, science, English, and test prep. The company’s international staff of tutors includes teachers from 15 different countries. With over a decade of experience in the tutoring industry, Tutor Doctor is a well-known provider.

Students get a free consultation before committing to a tutoring plan. The company’s teaching methodology focuses on creating a positive environment and encouraging self-study. As such, each lesson is recorded for students to review later. Tutors also provide students with additional self-study material and parents with infographics about the learning process.

Tutor Doctor does match students with specific tutors and provides customized learning plans. Pricing is fairly standard for this type of service. Online tutoring costs between $40 per hour and $80 per hour.


  • Tailored learning programs based on student needs
  • In-home tutoring available as an alternative to online programs
  • Middle-ground pricing
  • ACT and SAT test prep available


  • Final pricing not available until after the assessment
  • Some user reviews state that full payment is required up front
  • Physical locations are franchises, so user experiences may vary

Bottom Line: Tutor Doctor is a large online tutoring provider that offers math, English, and test prep services at fairly affordable prices, though full payment may be required before tutoring starts.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review math tutors

Now owned by, The Princeton Review is a respected provider of online courses, test prep assistance, homework help, and private tutoring services. The company seems to focus primarily on test prep for college entrance exams along with the LSAT, MCAT, and GRE.

There are both online and in-person options for tutoring and test prep assistance. Students can also submit questions through the online platform and get a response back. Those who are looking for online tutoring can complete a free session first, and there are several subscription models at different price points.

Private tutoring is available for students starting at sixth grade, and prices are fairly affordable. Tutoring services cost between $35 per hour and $40 per hour. The company doesn’t match students and tutors. Prospective clients can view tutors’ profiles online and decide which one they want to work with.


  • Money-back guarantee after completing a certain amount of tutoring hours
  • Test prep for numerous high school, college, and postgrad exams
  • Innovative online platform


  • Students have to choose their own tutor instead of being matched with one
  • Test prep can be expensive
  • Primary focus is raising test scores, not necessarily improving understanding

Bottom Line: For students looking for online tutoring to improve their test scores, The Princeton Review is a well-known provider with reasonably priced services.


Prodigy math tutors

Offering one-on-one online math tutoring for students in first through eighth grades, Prodigy is an affordable option for students who want to improve their confidence and deepen their understanding of math. Tutoring is focused on encouraging students to enjoy learning.

Potential students can attend a free session before making a commitment. This session is designed to allow the tutor to assess the student and to demonstrate how standard lessons take place. Students can book sessions with their tutors as needed, and each session includes feedback and a plan for the next lesson.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and cost $30. If you purchase a weekly session and pay monthly, the cost drops to $24 per session.


  • Shorter session time may be better for younger students
  • Refunds are available by contacting customer support
  • Emphasis on positivity and learning enjoyment


  • No test prep services or support for high school and college students
  • Online platform is not as robust as other services
  • Older students may need more than the standard half-hour session

Bottom Line: With shorter sessions and affordable pricing, Prodigy is a great option for younger students who don’t enjoy math and need help to understand the material and feel confident in their abilities.


Skooli math tutors

Skooli’s tutors are licensed teachers who are available to help students solve homework problems through an on-demand platform. Students who need help with a problem can instantly start a session with a tutor in a digital classroom and use interactive tools to discuss and solve the problem. These sessions are recorded so students can refer back to them.

While Skooli doesn’t offer long-term tutoring services with customized learning plans, not all students need that sort of assistance. The company’s on-demand model is ideal for students who generally understand the material but need a little extra help once in a while. Skooli charges $1 per minute for these online sessions, but sessions are required to be at least 15 minutes long.

Math isn’t the only subject available. Skooli offers online tutoring for English, science, business, and other subjects as well.


  • Extremely affordable for short sessions
  • Ideal for students who need occasional help
  • Tutors are all licensed teachers


  • No long-term tutoring services offered
  • Students don’t work with the same tutor each time
  • May not provide enough help for some students

Bottom Line: An affordable alternative to traditional online math tutoring, Skooli’s instant homework help service is ideal for students who want occasional support but don’t need a long-term tutoring service.


Wyzant math tutors

Wyzant serves as a platform to connect students with tutors. Offering options for both online and in-person tutoring in a wide range of subjects, it can be a good choice for students who know exactly what they are looking for and want full control of the process.

Once you tell Wyzant what kind of tutoring you are looking for, the service gives you a list of available tutors. You can narrow down your options based on qualifications and hourly rates, and then connect directly with that tutor.

Wyzant promises that its tutors are qualified instructors, and the company offers a money-back guarantee on the first hour of your lesson if you decide it’s not the right fit. The average price for a math tutor on Wyzant is about $40 per hour.


  • Students can choose their own tutor based on price and qualifications
  • Tutoring for math, chemistry, languages, and other subjects
  • No contracts or packages, so you just pay for the time you use


  • Students must choose their own tutors from a list of options
  • With no matching process, it may take time to find the right tutor
  • Pricing can vary greatly between tutors

Bottom Line: Wyzant’s platform connects students with independent tutors and is a good option for students who know exactly what they want and are willing to wade through the options to find someone who meets their requirements.


TutorMe math tutors

TutorMe offers a wide range of pricing plans for on-demand tutoring in a variety of subjects. Students who know they’ll need a lot of time with their tutor can pay for eight hours a month at the low rate of $26 per hour. There are also monthly plans for two hours and four hours of tutoring. If you only need occasional help, you can go with an on-demand plan that costs $1 per minute.

With TutorMe, students get matched with a tutor for a free trial session. One-on-one tutoring sessions happen in a virtual classroom with screen sharing, text, audio and video chat, and a virtual whiteboard. Students and teachers can rate each other after the session.

The company states that they only select 4% of applicants to be tutors, so students get access to highly qualified instructors. Tutoring is available for college subjects as well.


  • Tutoring for many subjects
  • Several pricing options for long-term or occasional help
  • Free 30-minute trial session


  • On-demand homework help may not be enough for some students
  • Package pricing can be confusing
  • Rating system may be abused

Bottom Line: Providing options for both long-term and short-term assistance, TutorMe offers quality instruction for students in numerous subjects at various different levels.


Yup math tutors

Yup offers individual tutoring with qualified instructors through a smartphone-optimized app. Students can take a picture of a math problem, answer a few quick questions, and get started with a personalized tutoring session in about a minute. The app allows students and teachers to communicate through text in a secure environment, and tutors can also annotate problems on a virtual whiteboard.

Students can access previous tutoring sessions through the app to review or study the concepts. Parents can also view their students’ sessions through the Family Portal. This app-based service can be perfect for students who rely on their smartphones for everything and don’t want to be part of a video call or online classroom.

Because Yup offers on-demand tutoring through a smartphone app, it’s priced as an unlimited-access service. Prices start at $199 per month and are slightly cheaper if you prepay for 12 months at a time.


  • Tutoring happens within a smartphone app
  • Unlimited access to the app
  • Students and parents can access all previous sessions


  • Monthly price is fairly high
  • App-based model may not work for all learning styles
  • No test prep or customized education plan services

Bottom Line: Offering instant help with homework problems and a record of all tutoring sessions, Yup may be the ideal tutoring option for students who will use it enough to justify the high monthly fee.

How to find the right online math tutor for your needs

Here are the essential steps to finding the best online math tutoring services for your needs.

1. Figure out what you need

Before you start looking at the online math tutoring market, take a few minutes to decide what type of service you’re looking for. Do you need some instant homework assistance for your fifth-grade child? Are you a university student who needs extra help understanding calculus? Do you want to get your high school student ready for the SAT? Once you know what you need, you can look for an online math tutoring provide that fits the bill.

2. Compare the available options

There are probably multiple providers that offer online math tutoring that fits your requirements. But there are several things you can look at to decide which ones to try.

Check out the prices and see whether the provider has a satisfaction guarantee or long-term contract requirements. Decide which service can fit your schedule. Find user ratings and reviews to see which service has the best reputation.

3. Meet with a tutor

Before you commit to several months of online math tutoring, it’s a good idea to meet with the teacher for a test session. It’s vital to make sure the tutor and student have compatible personalities and that the tutor can accommodate the student’s learning style.

4. Modify your plan

Even with a lot of initial research and a trial session, you may not find the right fit with an online math tutor the first time. If you realize the teaching relationship is not working well, it’s important to make changes. Continuing in a less-than-ideal tutoring situation will just make the student and the educator frustrated.

How we chose the best online math tutoring services

We know that the number of online education websites can be overwhelming, so we’ve researched the options and created this list of the 10 best math tutoring providers. Here are some of the steps we took:

  • Checking out online reviews and ratings from verified clients
  • Researching pricing (including money-back guarantees)
  • Reviewing offered services: one-on-one teaching, small group instruction, homework help, online resources
  • Verifying customer service, including the matching process for students and tutors
  • Investigating educational requirements and qualifications for tutors

The companies we recommend offer exceptional customer service, experienced educators, top-notch technology, fair prices, and excellent reviews from verified clients.

Benefits of online math tutoring

Online math tutoring offers many benefits for both students and their parents. Here are some of the advantages you can expect when hiring an online math tutor.

1. Convenience

Online math tutoring is extremely convenient, especially for students with busy schedules. Unlike traditional in-person tutoring, you don’t need to drive to a tutoring center or schedule sessions within standard business hours. Online tutoring can happen at any time, and students can enjoy the comfort of working from home.

2. More confidence

When students struggle with math, they often lose confidence in their academic skills and may even start to perform worse in other classes. Online tutoring allows students to ask questions and work at their own pace without worrying about keeping up with their peers in the classroom. With a tutor’s help, they can start to truly understand mathematical principles and feel confident about their ability to answer homework and test questions.

3. Customized instruction

An online tutor can create personalized lesson plans and alter their teaching methods based on their student’s learning style. This type of individualized instruction can help students learn more than a standard textbook or traditional classroom lecture.

4. Better test scores

One of the best benefits of online math tutoring is better performance on homework and tests. Tutoring helps students get better scores in two ways: increasing their understanding of the material and improving their study skills. A skilled math tutor can help students overcome test anxiety and prepare for college entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT.

5. Deeper knowledge of math

Math tutoring provides students with customized lessons and the ability to work at their own pace. This creates the right environment for a deeper understanding of the material. When a student “gets” math, they can do better on tests and prepare for higher-level courses. A strong fundamental knowledge of math also allows students to solve real-world problems and improve their logic and critical-thinking skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions about online math tutoring services.

What are online math tutoring services?

Online math tutoring services take the traditional concept of one-on-one instruction and translate it into a virtual environment. These services match students with knowledgeable math educators and provide tools and resources that allow the tutors to offer customized instruction to their students.

Some online math tutoring services are similar to freelance work sites – they allow students to post job ads looking for a tutor and/or offer space for tutors to advertise their services. Other sites offer a personalized approach focused on customer service. They take a student’s information and match that student with the best tutor for the job.

Online math tutoring is not intended to replace school classes. Rather, it provides extra help for students who are having trouble understanding mathematical concepts or performing well on their math homework and tests.

Tutors often create customized lesson plans for their students to address their specific issues. They may also work through example problems, provide test prep advice, or offer classroom-style lectures. Because online tutoring happens over the internet, tutors usually interact with students through video calls and use virtual whiteboards to demonstrate problem-solving methods.

Who should use online math tutoring services?

An online math tutoring service is an excellent choice for anyone who needs help with math. While most people think about math tutoring for elementary, middle school, and high school students, university students can benefit as well. Online math tutors can also help adults who are returning to college or taking professional development courses.

How much do online math tutoring services cost?

The price of an online math tutoring service varies. There are some free resources, such as Khan Academy. However, most providers that offer customized courses and one-on-one interactive tutoring require payment. Some online math tutoring providers offer free trials and/or money-back guarantees.

Most services charge hourly rates, which can be anywhere from $30 per hour to over $100 per hour. Other providers charge monthly or offer packages of tutoring hours that must be used within a certain time frame. In most cases, tutors charge less for small group lessons than individual sessions.

What should you look for in online math tutoring services?

There are several important things to look for in an online math tutoring provider:

  • Price
  • Tutors’ education and qualifications
  • Subjects offered
  • User reviews/ratings
  • Customer service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Availability
  • Technology requirements

Each situation is different, so you need to figure out which of these are most important to you.

What are the pros of using online math tutoring services?

Online math tutoring offers several advantages: flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, individualized instruction, and access to expert educators. Some students do especially well with online tutoring because it’s more comfortable and less formal than a traditional classroom.

What are the cons of using online math tutoring services?

There are some possible disadvantages to using an online math tutor. Students may have a hard time getting used to the virtual format. With so many online tutoring services available, it may take some time to find the right provider. If you have an unreliable internet connection or an old computer, you may experience interruptions during online sessions.

What is the best math tutor online?

The best online math tutor for you will depend on your unique situation. For example, a younger student may do well with an online service that has short sessions, such as Prodigy. Students who just need occasional help with math homework may get the most out of a service like Chegg.

TutorMe could be the right choice for students who need help in more than just math. High school and university students often need specialized services that offer tutoring for high-level math courses, such as calculus and statistics. Learner has experienced tutors who can help K-12 students and also handle college math courses.

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