What Happened on December 30?

  • Edwin Hubble announced the existence of other galaxies. (1924) Hubble had recently discovered the Andromeda galaxy, the first known galaxy outside of our solar system. His discovery was the first indication of the true size of the universe.

  • The Selective Service sent a warning to Mickey Mouse. (1980) The Selective Service said that Mickey was in violation of military draft registration laws, since he did not fill out a draft card. Disney sent back Mickey's completed draft card, that listed his age as 52, and demonstrated that he was a veteran of World War II, and therefore did not need to register for the draft.

  • The first color TV set was sold in the US. (1953) The Admiral Color television set had about a 15 inch (38 cm) screen, and cost about $1,000 US Dollars (USD) at the time.

  • The Beatles legally disbanded. (1974) Bassist Paul McCartney moved to dissolve the group in 1970, but legal wrangling over rights and royalties kept the band together until 1974.

  • The USSR was established. (1922) The communist USSR formed after years of revolution in the Russian empire. It was the first country in the world to be based on Marxist socialism, and would go on to be a major rival to the democratic US.

  • Masquerade balls were forbidden in Boston. (1809) It was illegal to wear masks at a ball in Boston because the citizens felt it would be "detrimental to morals."

  • The FDA began banning ephedra in the US. (2003) Ephedra had been a popular weight loss herb, but it was later found to be 700 times more dangerous than other supplements like ginkgo or kava. Side effects of ephedra include everything from heart palpitations to stroke and death.

  • The Ginza metro line opened in Tokyo. (1927) It was one of the first underground railways in Asia, and was so popular that people would wait in line for hours just to take a 5 minute trip.

  • The first coffee bushes were planted in Hawaii. (1817) Hawaii's Kona coffee is famous world-wide, but the plant is not native to the islands. The first coffee bushes were brought to Hawaii by Don Francisco de Paula Marin, a Spanish sailor who later became an interpreter in Hawaii. Marin was also responsible for producing Hawaii's first cotton and pineapple harvests, as well as its first wine.

  • The first music concert was held in the US. (1731) It was held in engraver Peter Pelham's great room, and was advertised as a "concert of sundry instruments." Admission was five shillings a ticket, and late arrivals were strictly forbidden from entering.

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Can anyone tell me some famous December 30 birthdays? That's my birthday, and I'd like to know what celebrities I share it with.


I can't believe that the first color TV cost $1,000! That was a ton of money back then, and some of the new ones today cost that much. Only the wealthy could have afforded one at that time.


December 30 has a history that is quite varied! I'm surprised that some of these events were even recorded.

It is funny that the Selective Service thought that Mickey Mouse needed to serve his country. I suppose that this one was recorded for its humor.

We have a record of the most random events, it seems! I suppose it is good to look back and laugh.


Wow, the first music concert was in the 1700s? I would have thought that concerts would have been held way before this!

Maybe it was the first concert to charge admission. Perhaps it was the first one to be held indoors, since I'm sure it was cold on December 30th.

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