What Is Unique about the King of Hearts in a Deck of Playing Cards?

In a US deck of cards, the King of Hearts is the only king without a mustache. The King of Spades, Diamonds and Clubs all share the same facial characteristic of a notable mustache. The reasoning behind this subtle distinction is questionable. There is an argument that diamonds, clubs and spades can be linked to the corruption of wealth, war and death; all seemingly tainted. It is because the heart is an organ that is considered to be pure, unequivocal and open that the King of Hearts appears clean-faced in comparison to the other suits in a deck. There is also some belief that the clean-shaven King of Hearts was actually just a copy error in which the mustache was unintentionally removed. The design of playing cards differs drastically between cultures, with US, English, French, Russian and German playing cards having drastically different images for all face cards.

More about playing cards:

  • The is only a 0.00015% chance of being dealt a royal flush when playing poker.
  • The United States Playing Card Company is the largest producer of playing cards in the world.
  • Tax was charged for the Ace of Spades in a deck of cards in England until 1960, thus some individuals would not buy the card.

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