Are Black Cats Considered to Be Good Luck in Japan?

Black cats generally are considered to be bad luck in some countries, but they are considered to be good luck in Japan and the United Kingdom. In Japan, if a black cat crosses a person's path, it is a sign of good luck, although this belief has changed somewhat because of the spread of American culture. The American superstition about black cats dates to the time of the pilgrims, when black cats were thought to be the companions of witches.

More facts about black cats:

  • Some people say that the superstition about black cats is more specific — they believe that if the cat crosses a person's path from right to left, then it's bad luck, but if it is passing from left to right, then it's good luck.

  • Black cats typically are said to be bad luck for gamblers, though. If a black cat crosses a gambler's path, particularly if he or she is on the way to a casino, then it is considered a sign that the gambler will have bad luck or lose money that day.

  • Other superstitions about black cats include that seeing three black cats consecutively will bring good luck, as will having a black cat greet a person at the door. If a black cat turns its back on a person, though, bad luck is considered to be on the way.
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Strictly speaking, the Japanese bobtail in a calico pattern is considered to be associated with good fortune.

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