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Pettable Is Bringing Legitimacy & Transparency to the ESA Space

Pettable is a company that's making waves in the Emotional Support Animal (ESA) space by emphasizing legitimacy and transparency. In an industry that has seen its share of controversy, due to lax regulations and a proliferation of dubious providers, Pettable's mission is a breath of fresh air. They're committed to connecting individuals with licensed mental health professionals who can legitimately assess their need for an ESA. This approach not only helps to ensure that those who truly need support can get it, but also works to maintain the integrity of ESAs as a category of assistance for people with emotional or psychological disabilities.

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Pettable is taking the ESA space by storm and cleaning it up. In this article we go over why Emotional Support Animals are critical to human mental health and what Pettable is doing to make certifying your pet as an ESA a process you can trust.

America Is in a Mental Health Crisis

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letters have been a critical tool for a large portion of our country that has a mental health condition.

In fact, mental health related issues are on the rise, with one in five Americans experiencing a mental illness at any given time. Additionally, one in two Americans will experience a mental-health-related illness at some point throughout their life. So if you think you need an emotional support pet, don't hesitate about getting one. The process is reasonably easy especially if your situation calls for it.

Pets Are Amazing for Human Mental Health (All With No Side Effects!)

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Your dog or cat can be a huge help for your mental health, according to researchers. Pets have been shown to lower stress, anxiety, and even lessen depression symptoms. They also can help motivate individuals to exercise and socialize, which can reduce feelings of loneliness and improve cardiovascular health. Especially now that more and more establishments allow ESAs entry so they can comfort their humans if necessary.

These benefits are so powerful they can even help people live longer! Studies have found that dog owners have a 24% lower risk of dying from any specific medical event, live longer than non-dog-owners on average, and tend to recover much more quickly from major health events such as heart attack or strokes. That's why it's highly encouraged for you to bring your support dog or cat wherever you go, and yes, even as you travel!

The ESA Space Is Fraught With Scams

Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to know who to trust as your ESA Letter provider because many scam organizations have jumped in to capitalize on the opportunity.

This has resulted in scam organizations issuing letters in some cases without actually having any licensed mental health professionals on their staff, doing assessments entirely via email or text (skipping the live assessment over phone or video), essentially frauding people out of their hard-earned money. This is why you need to be highly critical when getting an ESA letter online. You need to make sure you are indeed working with legitimate professionals.

Landlords have gotten smart about which services are legitimate and which ones are not. Some have even gone as far as banning people with fraudulent letters from applying to rent at their apartment units – so getting a service you can trust is key. Make sure you comply with all the mandatory ESA registration requirement to prevent problems like this from happening.

Pettable Is Taking the ESA Space by Storm

pettable online esa letter

Pettable is a new startup on the ESA scene and looks to be different from most of the major players by focusing first and foremost on legitimacy and transparency.

They are backed by famous names in Tech and have received Venture Capital funding from Mechanism – a prominent VC in the Bay Area. Their cofounders include the former COO of a hypergrowth staffing startup and a renowned Bay Area investor who has invested in and served on the boards of companies like Udemy, Thumbtack, and many more.

What sets Pettable apart is its commitment to recruiting best-in-class mental health professionals, having world-class customer service, and their satisfaction guarantee where they promise their customers their ESA letters will work, or their money back.

licensed esa therapists

All of their licensed mental health professionals go through several rounds of interviews and are reviewed regularly by the internal team to ensure their assessments meet the proper clinical standards. Clinicians who fail more than once are removed from their network entirely to ensure customers only connect with mental health professionals of the highest caliber.

Also, their customer service team has deep expertise handling landlords, airline inquiries, and any other ESA-related issues that can come up, meaning they resolve over 99%+ of customer inquiries.

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They are an open book, and you can ask them anything about their licensed mental health professionals, their services, their results, and their team. It’s the only place I’ll trust to get a letter for my Emotional Support Animal. Check them out if you’re thinking about getting a legitimate ESA letter and get started today!

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