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How can I Find Families That Need Help at Christmas?

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

Matching needy families with potential benefactors is not always an easy process for social service and charity organizations. There are privacy issues to consider, and many needy people may not feel comfortable going through public channels for financial assistance. Therefore, many donors are left with the option of contributing to "umbrella charities" charged with redistributing donations to anonymous families in need. The process of helping others during the holidays doesn't always have to work like this, however.

One way to find families in need of assistance is to contact social service or human resource departments directly. A representative of the organization may be able to provide a list of people who have agreed to make their contact information public. Even if such a list is kept confidential, the agency may be willing to coordinate a more personal connection between the donor and a specific family in need. This could prove useful when purchasing or donating clothing or other gender/age specific gifts.

Religious facilities often hold food drives for those in need around Christmas.
Religious facilities often hold food drives for those in need around Christmas.

Another way to find families with needs at Christmas is through word-of-mouth. There may be co-workers who have suffered recent personal losses and might appreciate a charitable gesture. Local newspapers often publish articles on the plight of those who have lost everything due to fire or other natural disasters. Fellow church members or ministers may also know of people in need, especially during the holiday season. A private meeting with a local pastor or church secretary may provide the necessary contact information for local families in crisis.

Clothes are generous donations.
Clothes are generous donations.

Several charitable programs, such as the Salvation Army's Angel Tree, do provide specific information on eligible children, even if they are not personally identified. Adopting several participants will ensure that at least one family's needs will be met over the holidays. Other programs sponsored locally may even identify the needs of entire families, not just their children. Homeless shelters operated by non-profit organizations or religious organizations may also be able to act as liaisons between needy people and those who would like to provide some assistance during the holidays.

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular InfoBloom contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular InfoBloom contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Discussion Comments


Me and my husband have 7 girls 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 14 and 16. We both work in construction and the weather has put us out of work. We are struggling to pay our bills, much less think about Christmas.

I have always taught our girls the meaning of Christmas and never overdone it. Toys for tots have helped a little but they don't have things for the three oldest ones. They understand that times are tough. I just hate seeing the looks on their faces when they really don't get anything.


I am a mother of five but only three under the age of 17. It has been very hard this year and it is now two weeks until christmas and it doesn't look good for the kids.

We have really tried and every time we think we are there, something comes up, whether it's a sick child or a bill due.

I had a friend give me two remote controlled trucks for my two eight year old boys and I'm going to pay her back after the holidays. But so far that's all we have. I also have a 16 year old girl.

My kids have all been taught that it's not about getting, but rather being together, but it would be nice if I could get something for them. I will even pay it back in payments after the holidays. It hurts my heart to think that they or any child will do without. I have always tried to help others but it seems this year I'm in need.

Please tell me where to go. Is there a loan program or something out there? Sincerely. hottiedlj


I am asking for christmas help for my sister. Her son was diagnosed with leukemia in august. He had a bone marrow transplant that worked. But she lost him to liver complications. We just buried him on dec 8. He was only 15 years old. He has a brother.

She lost her job and has a mountain of debt. I am asking if someone could help, where they can have christmas. She has lost everything.


I am a single mom of three kids, ages four years (girl) and two boys 8 and 11 years. I live in New Mexico and am going to have absolutely nothing for my kids for Christmas. I am in desperate need of assistance and will need a dinner too! I am desperate. I just am not going to know what to say to my babies when they discover that santa did not stop at our house!


I have tried so many places for help. seems like there are plenty, but yet no one really responds. I know it is luck of the draw with who helps who. I tried to sign up for the send me an Angel, but no one replies.


I am a single mother who has worked my entire life for the few things i have. I struggle to pay the bills that i do have. My daughter her two kids and I sleep on the floor because we cannot afford a bed. It would ease the amount of stress i already have on my life if i knew my kids could have a christmas to remember this year.


I would appreciate any help this christmas for my two granddaughters. My husband has mantle cell lymphoma, after his third round of chemo, he had complications and had his colon and large intestines removed. He is now in ICU. Mantle cell lymphoma is a rare cancer with no known cause and no cure. Please pray he can come home for christmas.

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I can care for my two granddaughters ages 11 and 17, or they would be going to a foster home, while my daughter entered sober living. I have taken in my granddaughters and now having to spend much of my time at the hospital and caring for the girls, I have only been working 20 to 25 hours a week. Falling behind in my bills and this christmas is going to be very bleak, but I want my granddaughters to have a little something. I wish I could afford to give them a wonderful christmas. The younger one wants a laptop so badly and I was saving for one, until my husband was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma in September. Please pray for us.


If anyone has a three or four year old boy in need near forney texas, I am looking to give some of his toys to a needy family.


I have just taken in a teenage child that lost his home to a fire. kids are spread out to family members with the exception of this young man. I am a single mom and work in the field of public education so as you can guess things are pretty tight.


Last year, and this year, the school that my kids goes to help with presents for the kids that haven't got much (only if you miss signing up some where else) which i did.

The places that you can sign up for get a lot of info, which is O.K., but then again they don't get enough.

This year i personally know of two people who signed up who don't need help at all. One person has one kid and maybe $1,000 a week coming in. Yes bills to pay, but all the high life she tries to live does that, and lets the charities do christmas.

The other one i know has two kids and the same good, good money, but doesn't report it when signing up for help and all the kids who really need help can't get anything.

Should i turn them in to the charity?


I have recently started a needy family posting on CL and have had great response from local needy people for x-mas. so if you're looking for needy families to help just post an ad under free. I have seven families so far and several people willing to help so this is the best way for me to give to my community.


I owe my paycheck before i even receive it. my 16 year old has been looking for work for the last eight months. While he is looking he has cut grass, cleaned out garages, helped move stuff out of wherever it needs to be moved and whatever else he can do to help me pay whatever my paycheck doesn't cover.

while i was searching this site to get help for my kids, i came across these comments. Reading them made me realize that i am very blessed. we may have to struggle with bills and worry what i will serve for dinner the next night, yet we always seem to get by somehow.

thank you God for my son who had to grow up fast but will be a better man for it. while i would still like to get him and my daughter something, i know that we will have each other for christmas. God bless everyone.


I was devastated reading all of your posts. My husband and I plan on sending out boxes of food to families in need this Christmas. God bless you all!


There is a page called Try Totally Free Clothing, they have gently used and some new clothing along with toys and its all free. The only thing is that you pay shipping, which I have found to be very reasonable.


i'm a U.S. Marine and i live in Brooklyn, NY.

what i want to do this Christmas is to help someone who don't have much. One condition is you have to be somewhere in NYC so that i can meet you and get you or your kids something.


I understand that it is hard to explain to a toddler what the true meaning of Christmas is, but there has got to be a way to teach our older children.

If this could ever become an understanding among the entire family, Christmas could become enjoyable again. We the parents, are so used to getting gifts and receiving them. Today, our economy equals less of what it was just a few years ago. Times have changed. Because of this, we have become spoiled and chose to spoil our children.

If we truly think about the meaning our christmas, let go of greed, and discover the gifts that we carry with us daily, we could enjoy Christmas without a full floor of gifts.

I am a 31 year old mother of four beautiful girls, ages 12-10-6-4. My husband has been out of work due to a layoff. I work thirty hours a week and bring home 220 a week.

We have many bills and little extra money. I am in the same boat as many of you parents on here. I just want you guys to stay light-hearted if you are not contacted for Christmas help. Realize during our most stressful times that we have the best gifts hugging and kissing us goodnight. Realize that there is a way to help our kids understand the simple things are a blessing.

Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the season for the true reason!


May God bless you all, I know what you are going through as mother of two little precious kids, a nine year old boy and a precious little baby girl who is 10 months old. It is hard now these days to have everything you want for your family but the most important thing is that we have our loved ones.

We live in Mexico across the border and I work in mexico. you can imagine my income. we all want presents for our kids, good meals and lots of toys but sometimes that is hard.

I would love that for my family but unfortunately we can't afford that, but I am blessed to have my family together, to have my son healthy and strong, to have a husband that sometimes comes home from working all day in construction.

We attend a christian church in tijuana, mexico and we try to help people less fortunate than us, and I know in time our dear Lord will bless my family as well.

I will pray for all the families including mine to have a Christmas full of love, peace and happiness. And if you get the help you need to have toys and meal for your family, praise the Lord.

Let's just not forget that christmas is to celebrate our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Dios los bendiga infinitamente. with christian love,



my son and family are having a hard time. They both lost their jobs and have no income. They have a two2 and half year old girl, who will have nothing for Christmas. We tried toys for tots and the salvation army, but were too late for sign up. But we cannot afford a newspaper so we didn't know. But it is a shame that she couldn't get anything.


I know a young family who just started out, they have 2 little boys, 10 months and 2 years and a newborn born in October, a preemie, who remains in the hospital in Tulsa on a respirator to breathe since birth in early October. The mom and dad are looking for work, and having no luck. The girls' parents helped them get into an apartment and they have little furniture but it is clean and warm. The parents do not have much money to help them. The babies need a Christmas, can anyone help direct me to help?


seems hard for anyone to get help these days.


Me and my children could use some help. I am 26 and I have Lupus and am unable to work. I am raising my daughter(2) and my stepson(17) on my own, and I have no idea how I am going to make Christmas happen.


I am a mother of four and just recently lost my job. My husband works little and we barely make ends meet. I want my kids to have a good Christmas as well and hope to get some help. My kids are girl, 15, boy, 13, girl 8, and girl 22 months.


I have no idea how I will give my three children a christmas.I have already told them I would not put up the tree. And that I would not be able to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.I have no idea where to turn or what to do. Thanks


I am a single mother of wonderful kids. my son will be 15 a week before Christmas and then my middle son will be 10 two weeks before Christmas and then my daughter will 5 in January. I was wondering where I can get help to provide them with a good Christmas this year. it is really hard being a single mother with only a little income coming in and plus i was just diagnosed with a disk disease in my neck and back but i am making it for my kids. they are the reason i live. they are my life and my best friends. i love them and they deserve a good Christmas this year.


I am in need of help for my 14 year old son to have a christmas. I am a single disabled mother and we make do with what we have but i would like to give him a christmas or birthday this season. his birthday is two weeks after christmas and he will be 15. he is a quiet boy but needs more than what i give him -- things are difficult with no father in his life and school has been a struggle but this year he has been working hard and seems to be doing better. i would to provide him with something this holiday.


I am a mother of seven kids and one grandchild, and i'm a single parent. I wanted to know if someone could adopt my family for christmas to help my kids have one good christmas out of their lives. It is very hard on me at this time, i'm not working. i'm only getting unemployment at this time. And i know i only get 153 a week and i'm taking care of the bills and the things my kids need. i know they won't have another christmas once again. Can some one please help my kids this year? I don't know what it's like to see my children have a real good christmas because i just can't afford it but they understand. I explain to them but i try my best and i do my best in getting some of the things they need most like clothes and shoes -- things they need on a daily basis. May god bless who can help us.


I have been going through a very difficult time the past month or so as my sole provider made a serious mistake and was arrested I have been treated for depression and am now struggling to get bills paid and find a way to get into see a doctor as I am not able to afford to see one, yet need to get refills on my meds as well as

help in applying for disability due to neck problems. i had surgery over a year ago for cervical stenosis and i am still unable to work

and still having ongoing pain. If there are Any resources you might know of to help me.


My name is Crystal and my two sons are Dagan 9 and Bodhi 2 months they are the loves of my life. Last year I was finally properly diagnosed with a thyroid condition that was causing me many health problems that were so severe that I even had to stop my college education eight credits short of graduation. I am a very independent woman I have always provided for myself and my family. But then to top it all off while I was waiting months for assistance from disability for my thyroid condition I was in a car accident that totaled my car as well as put me in the hospital for nine weeks with a broken back and pelvis. When I finally received my disability and back pay I had to buy a used car so that I can get my son to school. So for the first time I am actually sad that it is Christmas because I have no way to get a tree or any gifts for my son. we had planned on visiting my family in Indiana but that is way out reach because my family in Indiana was laid off by Ford so they are no longer in a position to help. I went on line to try to find a place were I can get a tree and maybe a toy or two for my son and while in the past I have donated to programs like toys for tots I have not been able to get and support in my time of need I hope someone can help.

Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas


I recently went through a divorce and have 2 beautiful teenagers ages 15 and 13. We've really been struggling ever since I became single again and have not been able to keep up with the bills. I've tried for government assistance but make just barely too much to qualify for almost everything. My kids really won't be getting anything for Christmas from me this year. We've all been fortunate to have some wonderful friends who have invited us to spend Christmas with them so at least for Christmas I won't have to worry about what they're going to eat. I am, however worried about the utilities. I'm behind 3+ months on the electric and 2 months behind on the gas. If anyone knows where I can turn, or is willing themselves to help, please let me know!


I am a 37 year old mother of three beautiful girls 6, 11, and 16, married to a wonderful man that is really down this christmas. We live in one of the highest unemployment areas in north carolina. My husband was laid off in july of this year with no warning and has been unemployed since. He has looked high and low for a job had 3 offers but before finalizing the companies had a hiring freeze. I work everyday and am trying to find odd jobs to get us through. We lived from week to week anyway but after that things started to get really bad the local ministries have helped with power bills and my home lender has lowered my payments to avoid foreclosure. And here it is a less than a month before christmas and there is no christmas cheer here there isn't any money for that it is hard enough to keep bills paid and food on the table. If anyone has any help or suggestions please post.


Hello, my name is Tina. I have two wonderful children, John 16 and Jeena Lee 6. We had our identity stolen last year and lost our home and every dime we had. We became homeless, then had to move in with my mother for a few months. Thanks to the Board of Social Services, we were able to get a place of our own, but they stopped helping after a few months because my husband started receiving Social Security Disability. That barely covers the rent and part of our gas & electric each month. This year I am afraid that my children will not have a Merry Christmas. I don't want to have to make a choice between having heat and lights or presents for my children. They have been through so much this year and they do not deserve heartache like this.


When it rains it pours! This year has been the worst and I don't seem to be able to find any help. All I want is to give my five children ages 1,3,6,9,12 a small christmas and a dinner. I don't know where to turn. I have run out of places to look. It is all I can do to keep utilities on or to get them turned back on after disconnect. I do my best to put a little food on our plates each day. My car is broke even and that makes it even harder. They suffered all year with me. I just want them to have one nice day.


I never thought I would have to write for something like this. I have always been dependent on nobody but myself.

My husband and I have split up, I have 2 children ages 14(girl) and 10 (boy). We have had to go through some pretty traumatic times getting away from an alcoholic husband/father. Money is tight to say the least. I would be very appreciative to anyone that has any ideas.


I know just exactly how families in need are feeling. I am a recently married (again) mother of two. I am disabled and my husband has a very average paying plant job. Since we were married, we've had to live with my mother. We help her out with bills and groceries to be able to stay here. But we need help this year big time. Me, drawing Social Security and my husbands plant job, we're just having a hard time putting back money to get a place of our own, let alone something like Christmas. I think the main thing that hurts us is groceries. I feel like groceries are eating us alive. I even tried applying for food stamps. But we are right on the border line. You know, don't make enough money to really stay a float, we supposedly are too rich to qualify for any kind of help.

I'm going to the Salvation Army this morning for Christmas assistance. Hope they will help us


I am writing on behalf of my three children, ages 10, 8 & 6.

I thought last year was tough on them as we lost my father, my husband’s mother (one week before Christmas) and our beloved German Shepherd. Our children were devastated. We somehow managed to make Christmas pleasant for them. This year the sorrow is more of a financial one.

I have been working for my employer 3.5 months. I was just recently told that they made an error and I was making $1.50 more an hour than I should have been (however it was an amount that we agreed on and I left a previous job to go there because of that), so they have now reduced my pay. We had to switch daycares as our previous one closed and we are now paying more than twice as much per week. We have had one mishap after another between our vehicles and our house, something constantly breaking down. We, like a lot of others, live week by week, paycheck by paycheck and those unforeseen expenses have put us behind on our mortgage.

Two of our children are bi-polar and one of them is also Autistic. That had taken many years and many Doctors, including Boston General Hospital and an inpatient stay at Spring harbor, to diagnose. The prescriptions alone each month for our household is close to $350.00 and the Doctor visits several times per month we have to pay a co-pay for. Both of the children qualify for Katie Beckett (Disability) through MaineCare, however they wanted $60.00 a month per child for premiums. An amount we can not afford. The children were also turned down for Social Security disability solely because they stated we make too much money. They do not take into account all the expenses we have.

With the recent cut in my pay, three months before Christmas, we have had to make a decision that we either buy Christmas gifts or put oil in our tank. Obviously the oil won out. So I am sad to say that we do not have extra money for Christmas gifts this year. My husband has been trying to put in extra hours at work, he works for the State of Maine as a Corrections office, just so we can get caught up on our mortgage so that we don’t lose our home. we have gotten several shutoff notices from our electric company.

I just hate to see them suffer due to this poor economy and the cost of everything around us rising (Oil, Gas, food), while my paycheck has been reduced.


i also need help for christmas and i'm not having any luck getting it. i am visually impaired and just started a ministry and became a ordained minister but i can't seem to get anyone to help or donate i just rely on GOD and his love and know that my family is blessed this christmas with being saved and trying to follow his word the best we can. thank you and GOD BLESS. GOD answers prayer and blesses those who help others 10 fold you will find what you are seeking. thomas [new pastor and ministry]


As a last effort, I've been praying to God for help this Christmas. I have multiple sclerosis, and I have two small children, a son 12 who is autistic and a daughter 8. I was in and out of medical care this year on the few days the post office was accepting applications to help, and couldn't get a ride to the local sharing center. I'm a single mom, 46. I was raised traditionally, and have tried hard to provide the same for my children, but this year I'm so depressed at the thought of them getting absolutely nothing for Christmas. I am willing to review and show how much I get on disability, and where each dime goes. I'm praying hard. please, when you pray, please pray for Christin, Tyler and me (Barbara) for the strength to get through, and the words to say to my children Christmas morning.

Thank you so much for your time,

Barbara Monroe


Thanks for the insight. I am not real brave in doing these things or sure just what to say, I don't want anything thought to be a complaint or ask too much, that would defeat the purpose. It is heart warming for the concern and guidance. Thanks again.


You can visit the wishuponahero website and someone may grant your wish.



i am so sorry to hear of the challenges you are facing right now. i know it is especially difficult during this holiday season. we want so much to give our children everything, and unfortunately, that is not always possible. money is short for my husband and i this year as well, and i have been thinking of all the ways i can make christmas special for my 3 children. i've come up with a few fun things i can make for them that costs very little. i will also have them make small gifts for each other, whether it be a simple drawing or even wrapping up a toy they haven't played with in a long time or something like that.

we will also go to the dollar store and have each child pick something out for his/her brother and sister. i know when you're counting pennies, even a few dollars is too much. think of this as an opportunity to grow closer as a family and a gift that allows your children to realize what is really important. they may not be happy about it now, but hopefully they will look back and see how much you tried to make the holidays special for them and appreciate your giving spirit!


I am embarrassed I posted or let anyone know of the financial difficulties at this time. Please except my apologies and take no offense by it. I have seen so much anger and frustrations from both sides of the fence. It will be tough to explain to the kids on Christmas morning that we will be celebrating the Holiday of love and giving by just waking up for the day. I’d rather do that then taint the precious gift of life and celebrate how special each person is, then have a millions dollars or a tree with gifts beneath it. I know children find it hard to understand why, “they are not like everyone else”, aren’t we special” and will have disappointment re-announced to them. The world or people owe us nothing; it is not their fault times like this happen or the length of time we endure. It is hard on a parent’s heart and you feel inadequate but chin up, at least you have them and they have you for the day. I have lost one child and try to understand myself why all our possessions are gone, we have no home, and integrity on a job only caused problems and the job was then gone. I get up every day and try to make it better, to be a better person, and not let envy rule my heart. When I walk from place to place, I am thankful. When I put a peanut butter sandwich on the table and do not eat so the kids have enough. I am thankful I have that much. This is not a cry for pity or help. I just hope it sparks hope and realization that there is more then Christmas in life to celebrate and be happy about. I do not have answers of how to celebrate when your possessions are nil. I do know possessions mean nothing when we are dead and our lives should not be based on them. I too, tried avenues in lieu for assistance this time of year but came to dead ends. I admit, no one wants to see hurt and disappointment but I refuse to get angry with people and the world because it does not go my way. It would be nice to have some relief and experience the joy on others faces on Christmas. I think of those who have been able to be helped and am truly happy for them. There are so many in need out there. I wish I was in a better position and be on the giving end. As with everyone else, it saddens me to face Christmas morning. My ten year old does not understand it yet and thinks death would be better then life as it is. That rips out your heart when they know things should be better and the pains of getting there. On the other hand, I have gained strength to continue with a higher education, continue to raise my family that I have been entrusted with and bless them by teaching them all that I know to be good; to assist people as my job and in my personal life, in a future I hope to see. If they can learn to be happy with nothing, then they will live lives that have value when they have more. If you receive a better attitude or understanding then I have given something this year. If not, Please know your tears and frustration are not alone and we are all special. If you are the ones bearing a burden of trying to assist others or the ones not knowing how to face Christmas morning; bad things can be turned around and made into something better, in time. Join me, stay in hope and look for something you can give in. The smallest contributions by talent, ability, or kind words can make a difference. We were not handed a checking account when we were born but we were given the air we breath. For everyone who has given regardless the recipients, I offer my sincere appreciation for doing all that you have and hope you will be blessed for it. Merry Christmas!


My name is Maria, I am a single mom of 4, I need some help with christmas, I don't know if I am doing this right, but i am really in need of some help this year. My kids only want one thing, and they think Santa is going to bring them it because they've seen him at the store, and told him what they wanted, I don't know what I will tell them when they have nothing come christmas. I did get them a couple shirts for Christmas cause it is really cold here right now, but that is it. Thank you. Merry Christmas and God Bless.


I recently lost my home due to foreclosure and i am struggling. I am un able to give my four children 3 girls ages 12, 11, and 9 and my 7 year old son as well as my 2 year old niece and 4 month old nephew who are in my care a christmas this year. They are in great need of clothes and shoes and anything would help. I have tried all the local charities and they are all full and unable to help. Thank you, may god bless you all and all that you do.


I have become desperate and may not have a choice but to pass on celebrating Christmas this year. If there is truly assistance out there that would love to help I am humbly open. We do not have any assistance such as Salvation Army or any other organization in our area. I live in WI with my four children. We have lost all our belongings and are slowly replacing clothing items as well as keeping minimum food on the table. Family is not available, I attend school full time and found it difficult to have a job. Not by choice but job availability. We are living under the grace of someone else's roof for the time being. I am embarrassed of this situation and hope that my prayers are answered and the children don't have to feel all the grief during the blessed Christmas holiday.


i have children from the ages of 16 to 11, boys and one girl (14 years old)and have been looking for help to get them christmas gifts. i've looked on many different internet sites been to places in our town and no one can help, this is my last attempt for I've run out of other options and ideas. we live in towanda pennsylvania. i know of other families in need as well as my own and can't get the help they are looking for, including some of my family members with kids. any help at all with this would be greatly appreciated, my oldest is disabled as constant seizure activity and grand mal seizures, can't do a lot of things the others can do, he is now attenting a school with other kids like him,he knows we are having it rough but he always has a smile to make everyone's day a bit brighter, he says we will find the way, i just hope this is it...hope you all have a wonderful christmas


I am a working mother of six children. This Christmas is not going to be that promising for the younger two. My daughter was murdered two years ago on the 25th of Oct. 2005. I have a bills to pay and it's kind hard at this point. Some of the organizations have income guidelines to apply for Christmas and my two younger children are teenagers. They pretty much understand that Christmas is not going too be that promising for us this year. There need to be more organizations for those with incomes with a dollar or two over the guidelines. So where are mothers in my situation supposed to do?? Thank god we will be able to have a nice Christmas dinner. Thank god I have kids that understand but there still kids who want to enjoy Christmas. At some point I know that our financial situation will change but as of now I don't have a choice--lights, rent, and etc. have to be paid. Could someone give a suggestion or answer to what can I do???



I was just reading others comments .Just wanted to say i am sorry to hear of all that missed the dead lines.

I was fortunate enough to get my kids in. I am a mother of 5 the 4 oldest's dad died of lung cancer 2 years in feb and the baby's daddy had back surgery in sept and has to have 3 more so i know where you are coming from. maybe you could write your local newspaper for help...if you are from the gastonia, nc area if you will write a note and have it postmarked by today's date, dec 7, then they will write it in the paper...another source is your child's school if they are old enough...in our area it is called community in school. not sure what they all are called but most schools have this. you just need to let them know your situation.

for the ones that have little ones that are not school ages then you might want to let area churches know and a lot of the time they will help...or just write a letter to the editor of your local paper ...I sure hope you get your wishes this christmas ...God bless you and wish there was more that i can do......sherry


I know our family is in need this year. we live in a very small community and in fact there are several of us having a hard time this year. Prices of everything is way up. We just had a baby boy, and i am not working due to extended bed rest from having the baby with infection afterwards. I sure would love to know how to get some help we need. we live in Texas in Johnson County. Any direction to point me in would be great. We didn't know when the meetings were for the angel tree so we missed that. Goodfellows did theirs real early this year and I missed that one too.


I myself have fallen on a bit of bad luck this year, financially and and health wise. It will be a really tough Christmas for us this year, but i would like everyone to please keep us in your prayers. Government funds are not available like they used to be due to all the cuts. If anyone knows of any organizations that can help, please let me know.


I know exactly where you're coming from. Times ARE hard for everyone these days. I'm a single mom with 3 kids and their dad left the country 3 years ago and I have not received any child support nor have we heard from him. The holidays have been tough for the kids because they don't have their dad and can't understand why he left. After he left, I put myself through school while working full time thinking it would all be worth it when I finished my degree. I have a job that I love, but doesn't pay much. My son has had some fairly serious health problems. He has a bad kidney and we just found out he has epilepsy. He requires constant care so of course I have to make sure he is in a special daycare, not to mention constant communication with his school. I have already told my kids that we weren't going to have any Christmas this year. After paying rent and utilities, I have very little money left. Now I have additional medical bills. I just don't have the money for presents. My phone is about to be turned off as well because I can't pay the bill. I felt it was more important to pay rent and utilities and buy food. It could have been worse, at least I have decent health insurance through my job. I didn't know about the resources for people for Christmas help so of course I was too late for anything. I just thank God that I have my kids with me at Christmas and that my son is reasonably healthy now. I could be worse...I could be alone and that is a really sad thought.


I am in the same boat. My husband was out of work for a couple of years and is just now trying to return. He is a bricklayer and does some jobs but it isn't enough right now. I have applications in but no one has called. I missed angel tree because my mom had to go into surgery and I was out of town. I didn't know there was a deadline. I like you would just skip Christmas if it wasn't for the kids. It makes me heart sick. We don't even have any Christmas decorations or anything. I'm not really complaining I'm just a little depressed. Times are so hard anymore, for most people. But I am thankful I do have a roof over my head and I do have food on the table. There are many, many more who don't even have this.



I have a comment about Christmas help.

I need help with christmas but I was late applying for the angel tree and have signed up at other groups but as it gets closer to the holiday things look grim for my 4 year old. If I could I would just skip the whole day. We will have no tree or gifts.

I think its awful that social services turns people away I had no idea there was a deadline for help.

This is the worst year ever. All the billions thrown away to help other countries and when I ask one time for a little help even if its one thing the door is slammed in my face.

Then you have these sites you post on asking for help and some are helped but they are so full there is no way there will be enough people to adopt families for Christmas. Thanks for letting me have my say. This is very upsetting.


In order to best serve and protect families in need, we will not post particular requests for help. We suggest that people in need and people that want to help work directly with a charitable group that coordinates opportunities to receive help. You may find some basic information in our article http://www.wisegeek.com/how-can-i-receive-christmas-charity.htm, but we recommend that you contact local groups as well, which can probably serve you more directly.


how will we know if someone adopted our family?


I recently started a group called Send Me An Angel With Yahoo Groups. I currently have 25 members and am trying to recruit donors to help these families out with Thanksgiving and Christmas. All of our members are required to fill out a membership application and were all informed that they will be required to submit verification at the donors request. If during your search of a charity to donate to you come across one that will donate to individuals without needing a referral from social services, please let me know. I am unable to post my email address or the group address on here but you can search for my group at yahoo groups.

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  • Religious facilities often hold food drives for those in need around Christmas.
    By: mangostock
    Religious facilities often hold food drives for those in need around Christmas.
  • Clothes are generous donations.
    By: Photographee.eu
    Clothes are generous donations.
  • Donating food or time to your local soup kitchen is a great way to help the less fortunate at Christmas time.
    By: Monkey Business
    Donating food or time to your local soup kitchen is a great way to help the less fortunate at Christmas time.
  • Even small monetary donations can be helpful.
    By: Africa Studio
    Even small monetary donations can be helpful.
  • One way to help families at Christmas is volunteering to play Santa and handing out small toys to needy children.
    By: Subbotina Anna
    One way to help families at Christmas is volunteering to play Santa and handing out small toys to needy children.
  • Accepting letters to Santa from needy families and trying to fill requests is one way to help the needy.
    By: Steve Cukrov
    Accepting letters to Santa from needy families and trying to fill requests is one way to help the needy.
  • Many community organizations offer holiday meals for those who cannot afford them.
    By: Jasmin Merdan
    Many community organizations offer holiday meals for those who cannot afford them.