What is the wiseGEEK Writing Contest?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

Since 2003, wiseGEEK has been dedicated to providing clear answers to common questions. To celebrate publishing its 10,000th article in the spring of 2007, wiseGEEK sponsored the wiseGEEK writing contest. The contest opened up the writing of its articles to its users. Contestants were asked provide their own short, clear answers to questions of their own choice. Many great submissions were received and after careful deliberation, $10,000 in cash prizes were awarded to the top 11 submissions! Winning articles and other contest submissions are listed below. For more information on the contest, you can also read the wiseGEEK Writing Contest press release.

Grand Prize Winner:

How Do I Look for Truth in Scientific Controversies? Written by Steven Kaas. Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

10 Winners:

How Can I be a Green Consumer?
Is Your Wine Fined? Written by Vicki Nelson. Tigard, Oregon, USA.
What are the Characteristics of Underground Buildings? Written by Loretta Hall. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
What is a Healthcare Proxy? Written by T. Patrick. Idaho, USA.
What is Air Guitar?
What is Netiquette?
What is StoryCorps? Written by G.C. Epperson. Montana, USA.
What is Tissue Engineering? Written by Terry D. Johnson. Berkeley, California, USA.
What Should I Do after a Nuclear Explosion? Written by Mitchell Howe. Mesa, Arizona, USA.
Which Natural Disasters are the Most Deadly?

Contest Submissions:

Home and Garden
Technology and Gadgets
Internet and Computers
Health and Wellness
Crafts and Do-it-Yourself
Finance and Investing
Science and Engineering
Cars Boats and Airplanes
Business and Economy
Sports and Hobbies
Food and Cooking
Travel and Entertainment
Art and Music
The World
Animals and the Environment
The United States
Language and The Humanities
History and Government