Which Is Worse: Losing Your Cellphone or Breaking up with Your Partner?

In a survey from TeleNav, about 20 percent of people said that losing their cellphone would be as bad as or worse than ending their relationship with their romantic partner. Smartphone users, particularly iPhone users, were the most likely to give up time with their partner or give up sex for a week rather than give up their cellphones for the same amount of time.

More facts about cellphone usage:

  • In the same study, iPhone users said they'd give up exercising, their toothbrush or wearing shoes before they gave up their iPhone.

  • Cellphone usage appears to affect family and spousal relationships. A study in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that an increase in people's cellphone usage correlates to decreased family and relationship satisfaction. People who use cellphones a lot also are more prone to stress and disturbed sleep — possibly because 66 percent of smartphone users take their phone to bed with them.

  • A study from Motorola found that as many as 10 percent of people worldwide keep a second, secret cellphone for specific callers only, for secret business dealings or for affairs.

More Info: www.wired.com

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